Saturday, 8 April 2017

Super easy photo booth

Or as I like to call it a Simple DIY Selfie Booth! A quick and easy photo booth set up for parties and gatherings that won't break the bank!

With almost everyone owning a smart phone these days the conventional thinking of a photo booth is out of date. It doesn't have to actually be in a booth or to use a real camera! If you have the money to splash you can hire professional booths with real printed photos to those mirror photo booths or iPad photo booths used for big events. But if you don't have the money or time to set one up you could try a DIY Selfie Booth :D

And this is all you will need:

Selfie stick - you can pick one up from Poundland!
Phone - unless you are still using something like a Nokia 3310.
Photo Booth App of your choice - My favourite App is Simple Booth as it uses the screen as a flash just before taking the photo so that is an added bonus for low light situations.
Selfie light - I bought one from Amazon for about £9. It has a warm light option. Great for extra lighting if you are in a dark venue.

Now it isn't the best of qualities in photography or lighting. But it is easy and a fun way to record the events of the night! Add an instant printer like the Instax mini printer and you have yourself a mobile photo booth. Or add a # so people can upload to Instagram. It is that easy so get snapping!!!!

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