Friday, 8 July 2016

Little Moments - June 2016

It has been a while since I have done a monthly photo summary. So no time like starting with June. This month has been about settling back into UK life with lots of stay at home play for the boys. A kid-free wedding, crazy weather and last but not least this month Seb turned the big 3!

Since coming back from America, it has taken a while for the boys to settle. Especially for Harvey. He didn't want to leave the house for like a month! So we stayed home and they were happy to just play. Although after a week at home Seb was ready to go out whenever he had the chance. :D
Making their own fun
This month the husband and I were invited to a wedding in beautiful Scotland. It was a kid-free wedding. At first, I wasn't sure about it but after saying goodbye to the boys I had a wonderful time! Sometimes you just need to get away from the kids and spend time with the husband to reconnect.

For Sebby's 3rd birthday we had a beach party! You can read more about it here if you fancy your own beach! :D

Yes, we had doughnuts again. A birthday and Father's Day treat.
Finally, the weather was looking up for some water balloon fun.
It was a jam-packed month. Like most months with this little family. I am so glad I can record these moments for the boys' future.

How do you record your family moments?

This year I really want to focus on my photography. And one way to better my skills is to take photos every day. Well if you know me I am not the most organised person so taking a photo every day and posting it would not work for me! I still haven't done our wedding book yet and that was 6 years ago! So I will do monthly summary of my favourite moments.

As per usual, I have loads of photos stored away and unseen. They may not be perfect, colour corrected or even in focus but they will be some of my favourite moments. I have so many. So to do something with them I want to share them with you every month. Warning there will be many! But I am sure as the time goes on I will be more selective. Maybe.

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