Saturday, 25 June 2016

Legoland Hotel California

Yes, we went to Legoland again and since I wrote a post about it here Legoland California - Days Out. This post is about our stay at the Legoland Hotel! We were very excited to stay 2 nights in the "Lego House" as the boys put it.

First impressions? Bright, colourful and family friendly. As you walk into the reception you are greeted with full-on Lego! In the reception, there is a lego pond where kids can just go play with lego bricks while the adults checked in.

We were on the Adventure floor. Our room was very Indiana Jones. Lego spiders, scorpions, butterflies and even Indie's hat hanging in the bathroom. The boys favourite thing in the room was the monkey treasure chest. To unlock the chest you had to do a scavenger hunt around the hotel. The chest is refilled every day. And if that wasn't enough there is also a box of Legos in the room for the boys to play with.

Our booking also included tickets to Sea Life and the Legoland Water Park. And as guests, you have access to the park, an hour before it opens. Of course, we didn't make it. But we still had a load of time to do what we wanted and a few times over.

In the hotel, there are a lot of activities and entertainment for the kids. There is a pirate play area with more Lego. Lego characters in reception. Pirate characters that entertain you at dinner. Also, kiddy disco DJ'd by Pirate Jingles! Which was a fun surprise for us as we didn't look at any timetables or schedules for activities.

We had an awesome time at Legoland California and would definitely recommend it to stay in the hotel. My favourite thing about the hotel by far was the disco lift. So much fun watching the boys dance their way up to the 3rd floor! Just wish there were more floors! :D


  1. It looks amazing!!! I definitely want to take the kids there now :)

    1. It was so much fun Niki! I would also love to check out the one in Windsor!