Sunday, 26 June 2016

Eyefi memory card - My Gear

Since our travels, I have been out of sync with routine. Not that I am good with routine in the first place! And when travelling I don't like taking my laptop so when we went to New York I bought an eyefi card. It is an SD memory card with wifi that allows you to transfer photos straight from your camera, to any digital device, in my case my phone. Then using a few image editing apps I could then upload them to Instagram while out and about.

It is a great little card. I love the fact that I can upload photos straight from the camera to my phone. I love the freedom it gives me. But it does eat up a lot of camera battery power if left on. So do watch out for that. And it is a bit slow so I wouldn't use it if you were doing a wedding shoot or where you are sports photography. (Since using the card I have had a few error messages on my camera. But it could be an issue with my camera, who knows.) And if you have a camera with 2 memory slots I would use a normal CF card and then transfer to the eyefi card in-camera.

You can use the eyefi card for more things like;
  • Previewing photos on computer/iPad while on a shoot.
  • Maybe for a DIY photo booth.
  • Eyefi also has storage option - eyefi cloud free for 1 year. Create albums to share with family and friends. See your photos anywhere.
  • You can also sync it with lightroom!
If you want to know more about the eyefi card just visit There are other memory wifi cards out there but I just happened upon eyefi and thought I would give it a go.

Anyone else use an eyefi or any other wifi memory cards? What do you think of them? Would love to hear your thoughts.

This is not a sponsored/paid post. It is just my opinion and I thought you might like to know about it :D Images are screen grabs from 

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