Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How to turn kids artwork into printed books

Your little artist is creating masterpieces left right and center and now you have enough to fill the tate modern! So what do you do with it all? Currently, I am storing my fine art in a picnic basket!

There are many other ways to save and display your kids work. Some file all their hardcopy work in a folder. Some cut up the artwork to make other artwork. But I prefer to put it all in a book. It is clean and tidy. You can tell a story by adding photos of your kids in midst creation of their masterpieces. And it is also great for those hard to store, 3D creations that linger on your mantelpiece.

So here is how you can make your own book.

1. Set up
Find a space with natural light. Maybe a space in your house where it is nice and bright. If you have a window with harsh light throw a white bedsheet over it to create some diffused lighting. Either find a space on the wall somewhere with a white background. What I did as a temporary measure is stick all work on a white board with light coming in from behind. It wasn't ideal as I had to edit them in photoshop. Set your camera settings up as best to avoid having to do alot of editing later. I found a great post from Snap Happy Mom on How to photograph children's artwork go check it out.

2. Software
Then find a book software you like to use. There are many. Shutterfly, apple books. Here I am using Blurb. You can either use their online app or download the indesign plugin.

3. Telling the story
Layout the work. Tell the story with photos of your kiddies, er, artistic process, making mess and having fun. Don't forget details like paint covered little fingers, smiles, their focus. Really capture that moment.

Also, printed books are great for documenting those fine art sculptures that you really can't store in your front room forever. As much as I love this tent, I could do without it in our small space grrr.

Do you save your kiddies artwork? How do you display or store them? Would love to hear your ideas.

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  1. I love this idea!!! My boxes of artwork are getting very full, I really need to get organised!

    1. Thanks Niki! Yes I have a massive box! Another thing to do along side my photo books! :D xxx