Saturday, 31 October 2015

Legoland Windsor - Out & About

For Harvey's 4th birthday we went to Legoland Windsor for Brick or Treat. We decided to stay overnight so we could make an early start at the park. Although we don't live far from Legoland we thought it would be a nice little adventure. But even then we still only made it just before lunch!

Once we arrived our first stop was to the Guest Services to pick up a birthday badge for Harvey and to register his name to show up on the boards (which in the end we forgot to check). Also, we hired a Q-bot, something I highly recommend!

The first ride we Q-bot for was the driving school. We waited for an hour and only when we got there did we realise it was for 6 and above. So we queued like the common people for the Learner driver school. Harvey loved it. He is a good little driver. Although he was tailgating 2 drivers in front of him.

In our hotel the night before Halloween.
Harvey's first driving lesson. 

We had a wonder around Duplo ..... Lego City. Had a ride on the sky ride, fairytale ride, train ride, past small world, ate mini doughnuts, fried chicken, saw the fireworks and there were 3d glasses that made the fireworks look like lego bricks! We didn't get any but it was just as good without.

Finally, we got to the Brick or Treat and low and behold it was closed... due to the fireworks event!
But families snuck in anyway. Harvey and Steve went in but came back out after a minute. Harvey got scared of all the spiders. I can't say that I wasn't mad. But after being told to go walk on ahead on my own. I calmed down and we went to see the fireworks. They did go on for a bit. But Harvey had a great time and that was all that mattered. Sometimes I forget that. But am quickly reminded by the husband. :)

Checking out the map to see where we should go next
This looks crazy scary! But so much fun
End of the night fireworks!
I think this was one of Harvey's favourite moments ha ha
Legoland was part of Harvey's Birthday theme. Post link here

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