Monday, 18 April 2016

Legoland California - Out & About

As we are in California we have to visit Legoland! We have been to Legoland Windsor, for Harvey's 4th birthday, so, of course, we had to check out the one in OC!

Now the boys are older and that much taller. There are so many rides for them to go on! They were loving it. Especially where you can build cars and boats to race. We will definitely be going again. I would recommend at least an overnight stay. Because if you are disorganised like me, and arrive late, it won't leave you with much time to do all the things you want! 

Queues can be long and that is one thing the boys cannot do. Well, neither can I for that matter. So it is definitely worth getting the Reserve n Ride (Q-Bot in the UK)! You can reserve a spot in line without being in line! There are 3 options. Express ($25) reduces wait time by 25%, Deluxe ($55) reduces your wait time by 55% and the Ultimate ($100) reduces your wait time by 90%!

To make the most of your time at Legoland California there is also Sealife Aquarium and Legoland Water Park which is inside the park itself! 

Having fun in mini NYC
The boys loved making boats to race!

My mini photographer

A visit to Legoland is not complete without winning some giant Minions!

As with most of you I am sure the idea of going to Legoland would be a nightmare but with these few tips, hopefully, you will have a much better time :D
  1. Look around for deals online. There are combo deals you can get with other parks. 
  2. Book early to get some discount
  3. Download the apps... sometimes they have discounts, wait times for rides (sometimes not accurate), maps and ride descriptions (which I find is the most useful)
  4. Get the Reserve n Ride. You have spent your life savings on this trip and you don't want to spend it queuing!
  5. Plan your rides. The night before check out what is there to do and make a plan.
  6. Try to go early as you can. There will be fewer people and for little ones they will be fresh and ready. 
  7. Stay overnight. you can chill out then. And usually, there is a deal for hotel and 1-day pass plus 1 day free.
  8. Go during the week and off peak! Even then there are a lot of people around.
If you have any more tips please comment below! And if you go hope you have a great time!!!!

You can also read our post for Legoland Windsor here.


  1. Sounds like so much fun!!!! And much sunnier than the one in the UK!

    1. I have really like the Legoland in California. Much bigger than the one in Windsor too. But it doesn't have the train like at Windsor! Well not that I could find! ha ha x

  2. My family and I can't wait! Which Reserve n ride did you get? I'm debating which one will be worth getting....

  3. Hi Kelly! I think we went for 55% reduce time. Too stingy to get the 90% one haha. Have a great time @kellyikemoto xxx