Friday, 4 December 2015

Harvey is 4! - Halloween Lego Party

This year for Harvey's 4th birthday (Four! I still can't believe my little face is four!!!!!) we went for a Lego theme. Well, a very subtle Lego theme. Usually, we would have the party on the 31st October. But the Rugby World Cup final was on this day (Yay All Blacks!). So we had a, what I like to call a private Halloween. A few neighbours were kind enough to let a bunch of rowdy kids knock on their doors, on a Sunday afternoon, and raid them of all their sweets.

The neighbours with buckets of sweets and there were glow sticks and Halloween torches for everyone. Something about going out when it is dark. So much fun.

The Lego theme follows from Harvey's Birthday Day out at Legoland. To carry on the theme for the party, we had his Halloween Advent Calendar filled with monster minifigures. The cake was going to be a Lego head, but I ran out of time so I let Harvey decorate it. Which he loved. and we just put monster mini figures around it. Made some Lego pumpkin and ghosts for table decorations.

For party bags, there were Lego luggage tags for the little ones and bags of lego pieces (from eBay)  and a monster minifigure for the bigger kids.

Even though we didn't have it on Halloween, there wasn't much of a theme and the cake was not some amazing Lego design,  it was a perfect day. We had our own private Halloween and most importantly Harvey and his little friends had fun.

And as usual Harvey and Seb did not wear their costumes at the party so I made them wear them the next day. They look so cute to not have a photo of them!!! :D

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