Tuesday, 24 November 2015

2littefaces Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas

It's Christmas in only a matter of weeks!!! And if you are like me, then you haven't even thought of starting your Christmas shopping! So I thought I would put a list of cool gift ideas that the boys truly love in hope it might give you some inspiration. I personally love these gift ideas as they are not only fun but they are educational.

1. Magna-Tiles
I love all things magnetic. And when I came across these I was hooked. Little tiles with magnets on the sides that will stick together no matter which way you try to stick them! The boys love them and although they are on the pricey side. They are worth it. Our collection is slowly growing over time.
You can find other brands out there that are a bit cheaper but beware some may not be as good as Magna-Tiles. Great for motor and math skills. Click here for our post on one of our favourite toys.

2. Lego/Duplo
Both boys love this stuff. We only really started this year with Junior Lego and secretly I think I love Lego more than the boys. I have stood on a few pieces so far but I hear there are these new Lego Slippers to prevent major injuries (Also a great gift!).

3. DIY Gifts.
It was birthday month this past October and I wanted to make some gifts. I made Explorer/Adventure kits, Mini farm kit, Suitcase full of dinosaurs, Mini train kit with personalised letter train, Mini city kit - Designed a road map using the letters of the birthday boy. Stamps and cars for him to create his city. The possibilities are endless! You can see more photos here.

4. Personalised Story Book
A great personalised book with lovely illustrations by Lost My Name. The story is based on each letter of your little one's name. Each letter is an adventure.

5. Janod Magnetic books
These are great for little travellers. Little ones can learn about about matching and they help develop creativity and imagination. The boys are still loving them today. Check out our post here.

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