Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Simple DIY Advent Calendar

It is almost Halloween which means almost Harvey's birthday. I love the idea of a birthday countdown calendar and what is more fun than a spooky Halloween house!? And it is super simple to make! You can do this for anything! Christmas, Easter, coming holidays!

Here is what you will need to make your very own spooky house advent calendar:

• printers drawer (this Tiger Store one was perfect. It is black and has 13 compartments!)
• black card
• silver pen
• Blu-tack
• little gifts
• scissors

First I arranged the presents to fit into each compartment... I liked having the drawer portrait style for a tall spooky house and it just so happens that one of the bottom cubby holes was the perfect shape for the door.

Once I was happy with the layout it was time to cut out the squares to cover the windows (making sure they overlap a little so there is space for the Blu-tack). Blu-tack is perfect as it doesn't ruin the drawer and it is easy for little fingers to open each window.

Then I drew windows and Halloween images and numbered them. As you can see I am not a great artist. But it was fun. Another idea would be to use some spooky number stickers.

On a separate piece of black card, I drew a spooky roof. Which I found online and roughly copied the style. Make it slightly wider than the tray. And don't forget to add a hanging little spider for extra spooky fun.

Then you just have to Blu-tack the panels on!! Pretty easy right? And this will be used as decoration for Harvey's Halloween party. I am thinking I will fill it with spooky Lego monsters.

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