Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Bus Costume

Yes, for Harvey's 3rd birthday, he wanted to dress up as a Bus. Of course, I could not find a bus costume. "How about an astronaut, or a superhero, or even a bus driver?" "NO - A bus". "sigh"

So I made the costume. Pretty proud of it myself really. I modelled it on his wooden London bus from Le Toys. A double decker.

After painting and adding all the details like lights and wheels. I had to work out how he was going to wear it.

The bus was too wide for him to wear straps so I needed something that would narrow into his shoulders. And of course with no ribbon or string. I had to come up with something else. So I used the handles from a shopping bag. Good old COS bags with their ribbon handles.

I cut panels out of the bag to give it more length and stuck them halfway down the bus. This seemed to help hold the handles on Harvey's shoulders. And it was useful to have the panels as it reflected the lights more. So all in all it worked out well. Lucky. Or it was going to be a mess.

Harvey did not wear it for his party but he did wear it after everyone had left. Of course.

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