Monday, 21 September 2015

London Transport Museum

It's Bank Holiday Monday. Forecast for all day rain. With 5 hours sleep. 1 coffee down. No husband for a week. So what do we do? Go to the London Transport Museum of course!

Bags packed. Raincoats and wellies on and the rain has let up a bit so off we go.

From Waterloo, it is a very easy 15min walk over Waterloo Bridge. Or if it is raining you can take the bus outside Waterloo on Tenison Road. Stop at  Aldwych Somerset House, and from here it is just a quick 4 min walk to the museum.

Coming in from the side of the museum you could see inside the gift shop. It didn't look busy and I thought smugly to myself "This is easy! We are early and no one will be around in the rain". Then as we turned the corner, we were faced with a very, VERY long queue.

Oh shhhhhh...It was long.

So we joined the queue and it started to rain a bit harder. hmm. Wait! This was the queue for tickets! So while standing in the rain, like a plonker, I quickly bought my ticket on the phone. The lesson today: Buy your ticket in advance!

Anyway, once inside there is free cloakroom to leave coats and bags and further in there are 2 huge buggy parks. We dumped our stuff and the boys were straight on the buses.

So many cool things. Old double decker buses, trams, old underground trains, creepy manikins from different eras, a cute little kids' play area with a London bus, cable car and clipper and taxi. With a cafe next to it. Upstairs A little gallery of art and another play area.

There are also a few London buses that you can sit in the drivers seat for photos. Also a simulation for driving the underground train! Man that was mind numbing. I have new found respect for the tube drivers now.

The boys collecting stamps found throughout the museum
Checking out the old underground trains

Children's play area upstairs
Engineers working on the tube
Tickets please

There are 2 cafes. 1 in the exhibition, kids area on ground floor and the second one is in the gift shop on the Mezzanine floor. The gift shop cafe has hot food.

For a bank holiday, the Museum was surprisingly quiet! We arrived around 11 and by 1 pm I noticed fewer people.

By the time we came out the rain had stopped so, I walked back to waterloo. It took me about 10-15min. It was great. The boys were asleep and I got to see a lovely view of London.

I have always avoided going into the city where it isn't buggy friendly. The thought of having to bump the Phil & Ted up and down the stairs and then cramming onto the underground is my nightmare. So I highly recommend the Transport Museum! It was easy to get to. Very buggy friendly and family orientated.

Avoid the queue and book your ticket online

Tips for days out in London with the kids

1. Use a backpack.
I found a backpack was better than using a normal baby bag which I usually would hang off the buggy. I wanted to be narrow as possible for those crowds and isles.

2. Pack snacks and water.
For the kids AND for you. It could be a long day.

3. Book tickets in advance to avoid queuing.

4. Check trains are running.

5. Charge up the camera.
Empty those memory cards. I kept running out of space on my phone as usual.

So that was our day. What did you do on your bank holiday weekend?

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  1. yes yes yes!! I'm desperate to do this museum with the kiddies. We had a choice the other weekend to do this or the science museum. On reflection I think the transport museum would have been a better option for our 3 year old because it was the big train and aeroplane that caught her attention more than all of the fab experiments!! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Yes we still have to do all the museums.. but on a day when I have the husband for support hahaha.

  2. We were at the Transport Museum in August and the boys love it. I love all your tips and tricks. When we went there was no line at all but inside the museum was still rather crowded. We held on to our tickets since they are good for the rest of the year and we figured we may well find ourselves back in London. Thanks again for posting. #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Yes it is great that it is an annual ticket! So if you wanted to do some shopping in Covent Garden at least the kiddies will have somewhere to run off some steam first! haha

  3. We've been here before and my son loved it - especially the stamper :) #twinklytuesday

    1. The stamper is pretty cool. Something to do next time as we didn't finish ours.

  4. We've never been here but I've seen a few posts and it looks wonderful, a great use of a day in London with children. #Twinklytuesday

    1. I just never thought London would be a place for kids but there are loads to do! They even do kids parties! Will have to check it out later for when the boys are a bit older and appreciate it. I think it will be expensive. ha ha.

  5. You know, I would never have thought to go to this museum but you've actually made it look really interesting, and not necessarily just for the kids. The old-style tube trains look fascinating. #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thanks Alison! It is really pretty cool! I can't believe I have never been until now! xxx

  6. Aah San — this looks awesome!!! My boys would absolutely LOVE it!!!! Modes of transport are definitely their favourite thing at the moment! Great tips too — especially about buying a ticket in advance. Thanks for linking up to #TwinklyTuesday — much appreciated x

    1. Thanks Caro, I really recommend going! It is one place I would go with the boys on my own. ha ha x