Monday, 14 September 2015

DIY Cardboard Box Tent

I love cardboard crafts and when I saw this box I just thought TENT.  So we had to make one.
It is super easy! The box itself didn't need any cutting or shaping. It just needed a window and ties on each end to hold the triangle shape. And this tent by design can fold away easily. Of course!

The boys started decorating by painting, which I thought was a cute idea at the time. Until they started dripping paint all over my deck. Hence the lovely brown sheet in photos below. Then they decorated it with stuff from their "create anything" box. Or as I like to call it, their "crap" box.

Harvey signing his work off
Checking out the view
Doing some interior decorating
Had to add in one of these, cute, pull string LED lights!
Tied the top with ribbon to hold the tent shape and for easy fold away.
Umm. Testing out an alternative entrance?
What are you going to do with your next cardboard box?

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