Tuesday, 15 September 2015

9 Space Saving Ideas When Renovating Your Home

When we bought our house it was a blank canvas. It was a "doer-upper". This place had not been touched in 50 years! Since going through the process of renovating our house. I have a few tips and there are a few things I would do again. But you live and learn.

1. Move Walls
We live in a terrace house and they are not very big. Or wide. So if you get an opportunity to renovate, make landings and stairs a little narrower if possible to allow for bigger rooms.

2. Hidden Doors
Some of the terrace houses around us have an open plan from the front door, but building regulations now won't allow it so to compromise we put in pocket slide doors (hidden doors in the wall). Most of the time they are open, giving the open feel. Have guests staying over? No problem. Just pull out the sofa bed and close the doors and you have a guest room!

Pocket doors. Also hidden doors under the stairs.
3. Bathroom Storage
We have hidden bathroom storage behind our mirror and for the ensuite, we put in an in-wall shelf for our shampoos and soap.

I would have used hidden storage under the bathtub, but I didn't like what was out there. I wasn't partial to plastic, wood or tiled side panels (fussy bugger I know). So I went to a kitchen company and had panels made from glass used for splash back. I love them as they are glittery. Easy to clean and adds a bit of sparkle to the space.

Shoebox Dwelling
Love this idea of sticking baskets on the side of the free standing tub. And love the colour!
photo source: homethangs
4. Go Harry Potter on your stairs! 
Look at the under stair space, there are great ideas out there. One of the things I would have invested more in. Unfortunately for us our water tank is under the stairs. With little space for the mop and iron and shoes on the other side. I chose no handles as I like the hidden look plus saves from catching sleeves on the handles.

Another toilet? Maybe a little office? Great for storing those blankets and shoes. Source: Buzzfeed
5. Underfloor heating
Save space on radiators. Plus it is better for your health. Especially for those with asthma.

6. Remove old fireplaces and chimney stacks
This one was hard. I really wanted to keep the fireplace in the front room but the space was too small so we made the hard choice of removing it. Still regret it now but it has given us space. Which we would use more than a fireplace for a few months of the year. Thank goodness for underfloor heating! We gave our fireplace to my brother in law who has installed it in his house. So it has gone to a good home anyway.

7. Dig down! 
Love this idea of the hidden swimming pool under the lawn! I so want one!

8. Don't forget outside!
If you are doing Decking. Look at maybe using under decking for gardening storage. Build a garden shed that can be used as an office or garden room. It is like an extra room so will add value to the house.

9. Bare all
Exposed brick walls not only look good, it will give you centimeters of floor space. CENTIMETERS people!!! Hey, every centimeter counts right!?

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  1. Some great ideas. I especially love the thought of underfloor heating. Our radiators always seem to get in the way of our decorating plans and I'm always suggesting we need sleeker, more practical options that don't take up so much space only to have the idea dismissed as too expensive! Boo! Thanks for the inspiration xx #HomeEtc

    1. I do love our underfloor heating. Not that we actually had space for any radiators! lol. Also it is lovely in the bathrooms. Dries those floors in no time haha.

  2. How cool are those stairs?! we are working on our house too. it is a never ending task, mainly because we have been very start stop and money has been flying out of our hands! Some lovely ideas here. How I'd love a roll top bath!!! Not the awful pink and purple suite we're currently living with!! xx #HomeEtc Love Noah & the Girls

    1. I know. We sort of had a budget and then just forgot about it. Dangerous. And every time someone mentioned "bespoke" the price went up! xx

  3. Great ideas, I love the hidden storage under the stairs, although I think hubby would have a meltdown if I suggested it (oh, the faff it would entail) #HomeEtc

    1. Ha ha. Yes I wish we had the space.. imagine another toilet or office!!! I can only dream! haha. xx

  4. Love these ideas San — especially the baskets on the side of the bath!! The boys seem to have SO many bath toys and there's never anywhere to put them!!! Thanks for linking up with us lovely xx

    PS — hope to see you again tomorrow on #HomeEtc

    1. Thanks Caro. I thought the baskets were a cute idea too! Same with my boys.. so many bath toys! xx

  5. Love these ideas, and WOW to hidden storage. Perfect :) Thanks for linking up with us. Jess xx