Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tips for dealing with Chickenpox

Ah, our first official family holiday with just the 4 of us.  Hello Chickenpox! Yup just as we arrive in Spain, Harvey gets the pox. Nothing like being stuck in sunny Spain, inside our (air conditioned) apartment. Luckily our apartment complex was quiet and we got to sneak out to the pool now and again.

As we couldn't fly with Harvey being all contagious and all, I flew home with Seb leaving the other 2 boys behind. We didn't want to get stuck in Spain for any longer (dread the thought!) in case Seb got it just as Harvey recovers.

Luckily. Seb decided to get the pox on the last day of our holiday (two weeks after Harvey got his first spot).

Poor Seb seemed to have more spots than Harvey did. They say with the second one they will be more severe the longer they are in contact with the infected sibling. Poor thing was covered from head to toe! Tip. As soon as the first one gets spots, rub them against the second one!

Here is how we dealt with this gatecrasher.

Lots of Calamine cream.
And airing out. When Harvey got it in Spain we were given Calamine cream. It was cool to the touch and dried to a powder. As Seb has spots on his bottom. Also clusters of spots around the back of his neck and behind his ears. basically where he heats up most. I don't know how many he had on his scalp. poor thing.

To help with itching

For the fever and aches and pains. (Since this post it has been revealed that Ibuprofen should not be given to children with chicken pox. This could be why the boys' spots looked so dark and sore?Updated 18 April 2016)

To prevent the little monkeys from scratching. I was really worried that Seb would scratch his spots, but surprisingly he didn't. I think it is to do with his fussy eating. He didn't want to touch the spots. He said they were dirty and kept asking me to wash them off. Seb was obviously itchy as he kept asking me to scratch his back for him. 

Cool Oat baths
Get a sock and fill with porridge oats - Either run it through the tap while running the bath. I just tied the end and let the boys use it as a sponge and they rub it on themselves.

Oat bath flour - Grind the oats till a fine powder so you can just mix it straight into the water. You can see how I did it here.

I was a bit divided on whether to bath the boys or not, as a friend said not to bath them to dry the spots quicker. But the itching got to Seb and he demanded bathing. Plus by bathing them the scabs softened and fell off quicker. Not sure if that is a good thing or not.

Drink lots of water.
Keep the little one hydrated. Especially when he had a fever.

Keep cool
There was a lot of "naked boy" time in our house! 

I found distraction helped to keep their minds off the itchiness and it helped their mood. Lots of playing, cuddles, swimming and oat baths.

I am just glad it is over now. Chickenpox is now done and dusted.

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  1. This article came just the tiniest bit too late lol - had a nightmare time last week with my LO getting chicken pox at 17 months for the 2nd time (http://www.gastrobaby.co.uk/return-pox/). Similar stuff though with Piriton and Bicarbonate/Oats in the bath - looks like it's clearing up nicely and would second all the tips you said! Hope other mums get to read this in time x

    1. Ha ha. Yeah we had the pox over a week ago but just didn't get around to writing it. Wow your LO got it TWICE?! xxx