Thursday, 6 August 2015

Harvey's Speech Therapy Session 1 - Long and Short Sounds

We were referred to an NHS speech therapist by Harvey's nursery and they have recommended a short course to help with Harvey's speech. I think Harvey doesn't really have a problem with speech but just needs practice to help with clarity.  Even though Seb's speech is coming along I am noticing he is copying Harvey in the way he speaks.

Our first session was about long and short sounds. With sign language as well.

B(uh) - bat & ball
D(uh) - drum
S(sssss) - snake
F(fffff) - fish.

The session involved playing games to help recognise the sounds and to differentiate which were long and which were short.

• blowing Bubbles - For long sounds
• Posting - Involved feeding the monster the pictures of the sounds the teacher was making.
• Building long and short towers - Involved a bag of blocks and each child was asked to place the  block on the picture of the sound the teacher was making.
• Long socks, short socks - Pictures of Mr Long and Mr Short. You had to pick a picture either of long socks or short socks and you had to stick them on Mr Long or Mr Short.

There was a monster box which you fed each time you finished with an activity, which Harvey loved.
We made our own posting monster and cut out the pictures that were given to us. Harvey loved being the teacher and had to play the game EXACTLY the same as in the class.

There was another little boy in our session so it was nice that it was an intimate class. Harvey didn't say anything and he just sat and listened. But when asked which sound was which he mostly got it right. Before we went in and straight after the class you couldn't stop him talking! Weirdo kid. Really hope next week he will talk more!

After the 30min session we got homework sheet, with the lesson we just had, for us to take home and practice. Harvey could not wait. You wouldn't know it but he really enjoyed it and couldn't wait to do it again and to show Seb and Daddy what he had learnt.

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