Friday, 28 August 2015

Happy 5th Anniversary - Paris!

For our 5th wedding anniversary, we went to Paris! I knew we were going away, but the destination was secret. It did take me a while before I realised we were not driving to the airport. I thought "a night away in London is also nice!". But then we drove to Paddington Station. Ah, Bonjour Paris!

We had a lovely time just wondering the streets. We had been before so didn't bother with the tourist attractions. It was lovely to spend time with just Steve. We actually had a conversation without being interrupted by 2 chatterboxes. We ate dinner without having to tell someone to "eat your dinner" or play the "who ate my food" game. AND we could eat at 10 pm if we wanted to!

I love this family taking a selfie. There is just something about them that I think is so cute. So many selfie sticks! lol.

We had dinner at Goust. It was pretty fancy. You walk into a hall where you are greeted by the host who takes you up 2 flights of stairs into a fairly small intimate dining room. There were probably about 15 tables?

We decided to go for the taster menu. And it was interesting. As I am a fussy eater I ate most of it. There were some strange foods, but I enjoyed most of them. Mostly I enjoyed spending time with Steve. Of course. It was lovely to reset and reconnect.

What did you do for your wedding anniversary? Planning a secret trip away anytime soon?


  1. Ah, it looks and sounds lovely. We went to Paris for our first wedding anniversary and loved it. This year, our 13th anniversary, we went to the Peak District which was lovely, as it was our first weekend away since having the kids, so a real treat!

    1. Congratulations on 13 years! Yes I think this going away for anniversaries is a good thing. Especially since having kids! ha ha xxx