Thursday, 6 August 2015

Getting Harvey Ready for School

After Harvey's first session at Speech and Language and the looming task of having to find a school for him. I am panicking about preparing Harvey for school. As with any worrying mum out there, I don't want Harvey to be left behind because I did not do enough for him.

So in my panic buying I came across these wipe clean workbooks and flash cards by Priddy Books.
I liked the look and feel of these. I love the colours and pictures and the fact that they are wipe clean.
I chose Tracing and Pen Control and Starting School Workbooks In each books there are fun little tasks to do from tracing and writing to matching and drawing. There is even a pop out game of naughts and crosses.

Harvey can't really write yet. As you can see above he writes his numbers a bit backwards and upside down. His pen control is getting better and he can manage an H. I still have a year and I am sure in this time he will have progressed from here.

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