Tuesday, 4 August 2015

DIY Ice Cream Stamps

For Sebby's 2nd birthday celebrations we are having a picnic party! Hoping for great weather. We will be picnicing in the park. Near a cafe with ice cream. So I made these ice cream vouchers for the kiddies to get their ice creams from the cafe instore.

I never knew how easy it was to make a stamp!

I found some cute ice cream stamps on etsy but it would have taken too long for delivery. So I made my own. And you can too. It is so easy! All you need is some erasers and a cutting knife.

First I drew my ice cream cone and cut grooves to make the waffle lines and then made some scoops  buy drawing around coins and adding patterns to the scoops ... 1 plain and one chocolate chip. You just need a really sharp scalpel. The eraser is really easy to cut into.

After making your little ice creams, get out the stamp pad and have fun! I had these left over tags from my wedding so I used them for the voucher. If I had time I would have stamped the back of the cards too.

These also would make great gift tags or even bunting! I have a bunting love at the moment.

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