Sunday, 30 August 2015

9 signs I am Old

As the big 40 looms this year I am finding myself changing and I don't like it I tell you! Here are 9 things that have happened to me since turning 39!

1. I have bought pots face cream like there is no tomorrow. "oh it can make fine lines disappear over night? It has micro-hydrating-nano-crystal-technology?!?" wow.

2. Have taken great interest in gardening. Well buying plants and hoping they survive.

3. Am partial to a nice cup of hot water.

4. Finding cod liver oil tablets on the night stand each night. Left there by Steve. He says it will help with our flexibility in old age. Not sure what he is planning!

5. I like to sit down. A lot.

6. I own a pair loafers!

7. I write complaint emails. Just this morning I wrote one to John Lewis regarding the bad customer service I received on the phone. For their mistake!

8. What the heck is a MEME?

9. I have moved from 25-34 to 35-44 when registering online. And I have to scroll down further to find the year I was born.

Anyone suffer these symptoms? What other symptoms have you experienced?


  1. You're not getting old, those are some very nice loafers!

  2. Haha, I can tick a lot of these and I'm 31! And I sometimes make "oft" noises when I get up...


  3. Ha ha it is a slipperly slop now my love. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  4. Especially in those loafers! haha x