Monday, 1 June 2015

No Technology Sunday #7

For this No Technology Sunday, I am listing ways you could spend it. I know, I know, I broke my own rule. Shhhhh, let's just pretend I am using an old-fashioned typewriter. But there is a good reason for my rebelliousness. For you see it is Seb's birthday this month, he will be turning the big 2, and to celebrate I have a little giveaway. Each week I will choose my favourite post and at the end of the month I will choose an overall winner. The prize is a set of Sticky9 photo magnets!

1. Make a pledge
Yup, it is going national! 28th June. Can you switch off for 24 hours?

2. Days out with the family
The beach - we went to West Wittering Beach and it was lovely. Lovely white sand with cute little beach huts and loads of parking! Check out my post if you haven't been.

3. "You" Time
- Have some "You" time. It could be an afternoon with a good book and a glass of wine.
- A bit of time away for some shopping?
- 7 minutes cleaning out the drawer of doom as Muddling Through The Mayhem Of Motherdom did.
- Cafe with a coffee and sit and people watch. Not in a creepy way.

4. Get Outdoors
- Park, Park, Park!
- Have a picnic indoors or out! Great fun for the little ones to be able to eat on the floor!
- Go on a forest adventure. Go on a Bear hunt or find the Gruffalo's house.
- A day out photographing. I went with Harvey for A Day With My Littleface. And there is a nice post by Gemma The Family Girl on tips for how to get kids into photography.

5. Let's Make Something
- Build a Den for charity - Den Day 29 May - 6 June.
- Make those DIY gifts for upcoming events {Fathers day}

Now that you are armed with a plethora of ideas get snapping! :D

No Technology Sunday 
Technology is such a part of our lives, we take for granted what is right in front of us.  We are on our phones, Facebook, reading emails, sending texts, all the while life is passing us by. Technology does make our lives easier but it also takes up a lot of our time, when we could be doing something else more exciting and productive.

I am guilty of being on my phone or laptop when I should be spending more time with the boys. So No-Tech Sunday was born. It is my photo journal of our day/days spent without technology. To spend more quality time with my family. Being more active, having adventures and doing more.

The Rules
There is really only 1 rule. NO TECHNOLOGY. It doesn't have to be a Sunday. It can be any day or days. You can be as strict or flexible as you like. Maybe a day without TV or an afternoon not using your phone (apart from taking photos of course), crafts, cooking, reorganising a cupboard, or just having some "you" time. It can be 1 photo or a whole bunch. A few words would be great but not necessary. The post can be new and old.

So show me how you spend your time on No Technology Sunday! Each week I will put up a new linky. Be sure to paste the badge below on your post.

Please share the love. If you do link up it would be great if you can comment on a few of the other posts. Also share your link on Twitter, Facebook with the hashtag #NoTechSunday and @2littlefaces so I can share on social media. 

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  1. It will be interesting to see how people cope with this. Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

    1. Well I find it hard just spending an hour away! But I am making the effort. Keep saying my boys are growing up too quickly and I don't want to miss anything! So need to get my face out of my phone! haha