Wednesday, 17 June 2015

New Years Resolution - 6 month Review

I can't believe we are in June already! Where has the year gone?! It seems like it was only yesterday we were on Laguna Beach, celebrating New Years day with our lovely friends.

Half a year has passed and I am back to review my New Year's Resolutions, to see how I am doing. So let's begin shall we?

1. Be more organised
I am sort of more organised. Well I have boxes for almost everything now does that count? My photos are pretty sorted as well. I even wrote a post on it! Organise Your Photos in 3 Simple Steps

2. Declutter the house
Still working on it. I do take bag loads to the charity shop but the problem is that I come back with bag loads too! I am addicted to charity shops! You can find so many bargains!

3. Cook more 
Er nope. If anything I think I am cooking less. I have lost all motivation to cook. With Seb being so fussy and Steve always home late. It is demotivating when you have spent so much time cooking and making mess for the boy not to eat anything. I just hate the cleaning up.

5. Save more 
Did I mention Charity shops? And we have birthday's this month. Seb is turning the big 2!

6. Potty Train Harvey
DONE!!! OMG he is fully potty trained! We have been trying since he turned two but it was half hearted attempt. Then when we got back from NZ for xmas I was fed up of changing his nappies, getting kicked in the stomach by this over sized baby. So we just said right start wearing undies. At first he went potty while still in his pants. He was very proud of himself but I couldn't handle it after he went no. 2 in his pants... But after a bit of help... he was fine. Only a few accidents and then a month or 2 later we stopped putting him in night nappies for bed. He probably could have gone with out them earlier but I was scared. Now he can even get onto the toilet himself and goes in the middle of the night. DONE.

7. Take more photos (preferably without laundry in the background) 
Yup I just move it to the side. lol

8. Make our wedding photo book - HA HA HA HA (that is 1 HA for each year)
Er well I have made a folder anyway. Maybe I will make it my mission this week. August is coming around fast!

9. Not to lose my temper
I find that if I eat better and sleep more then I can control my anger. Seriously I can lose it at a drop of a hat. I really don't want my boys to think that getting angry and losing the plot is acceptable. I can see it happening a little in Harvey when he gets frustrated with Seb.

10. Laugh more - TICK
Already ticked.

So there is my list. I guess I am doing OK. Just need to focus on cooking, wedding book, and decluttering.

How are you doing on your Resolution list?

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