Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Little Moments May 2015

Having fun in their sandpit. Using an old plastic storage box with a handy lid
May has been a month of unpredictable weather, BBQs, gardening, discovering a new beach and a wedding and new monthly toy rotation change. Much to Harvey's relief. He was getting bored of the cooking box.

With the weather being up and down, we have been doing a lot of playing inside and when the sun finally came out there was a lot of playing in the garden and digging in our mini DIY sandpit.

Also, this month has been lovely as the boys Dad did not have to travel. So we got to see him a bit more. You can see the effect it had on the boys, especially Seb. He has become a real Daddy's boy now. Even demanding Daddy to change his nappy. Which is fine by me!

Playing horsey horsey. A game which will endanger anyone at ground level. Be warned. Boys will jump on you.
There has been more interest in dressing up and pretend playing together.
Summer is here and so are the Strawberries!
Harvey's first flower arrangement
A day out at West Wittering Beach. See more photos here 
The boys have so many toys, I started doing a toy rotation and it seems to work. 
Always time for bubbles
Still can't bring myself to cut his hair!

dear beautiful

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  1. I love all that long hair! I was the same with Ez, until the fateful day I tried trimming his fringe and ended up having to give him a buzzcut because I messed up!!

    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot xx