Friday, 5 June 2015

Father's Day Wish List by Mr 2littlefaces (PG-13 rating)

It is that time of year again where we need to think about Father's Day gifts. So I have been trolling the net for some cool gift ideas. I found things like cute free Printable books, cool free printable DAD glasses card, awesome Personalised Barclays card, and my post on ideas for photo gifts here.

Then I thought I would ask Mr 2littlefaces, after all he has over 3 years experience at being a Dad. Well, all I can say is please keep in mind that this list was made after an intense week at work, half a bottle of wine down, and at midnight.

Mr 2littleface's Father's Day Wish List

1. A Lie-In - Who doesn't love a lie in!

2. Nice lunch - Obviously he is planning to lie-in till lunch time.

3. Xbox game - Because he has the time.

4. Time to play Xbox - Oh I see.

5. Midlife crisis car - But I thought you already went through this phase!

6. Ride in a helicopter - He is still determined Miranda.

7. Nice dinner - Take-away then?

8. A Nice bottle of wine - I think you have had enough already, don't you?

9. Clothes shopping - But you have more than I do!

10. Tickets to a rugby game - Anyone with tickets to an England game? :D 

11. New leftfield album - You are really milking this midlife crisis thing aren't you?

12. Hanky Panky (His words) - Ha ha ha ha ha ... wait ... ha ha ha ha

So there you have it. A first-hand look into what every Dad wants? All I can say is that Mr 2littlefaces will be sadly disappointed this Father's Day!

What would your Father's Day Wish List look like if it were left to your Mr?

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  1. Ha ha! Oh well a boy can dream! ;) Fab post, Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x