Monday, 15 June 2015

DIY Exposed bulb chandelier

When we bought our house we knew it needed work. But not THAT much work! We thought a bit of paint here and there and this would be a lovely home..... After we gutted the place, cried, extended it, cried a bit more, got the bill, cried a whole lot more. Then it was time to make it a home.

My favourite room in the house is our kitchen/diner. This is where we basically live. Open plan living is great when you have little ones as you can keep an eye on them while doing other things. But it is also a pain as you are doing everything in this space. Cooking, playing, washing, and dinning. argh.

One of my favourite features in the kitchen/diner is our exposed bulb chandelier. I wanted to divide the room up a bit and have something a bit old as our house was basically new and we ripped out any features that were existing. My lovely fireplaces... GONE. They were not practical and took up too much space. {Post on space saving ideas soon}.

I came across a company called Urban Cottage Industries .They had the old Eddison bulbs and everything I needed to make my design. I love the warm feeling you get from the Eddison bulbs and the filliments look so cool when switched on and off.

Please ignore the dusty bulbs :D
Here is what you will need to make your own exposed bulb chandelier:

• Ceiling Rose (5 outlets) - I wish it was a little wider. The electrician used a wire ring to keep the bulbs from touching.

• Wire - Jet Black twisted fabric cable (there is a load of cool colours you could have to make it really funky and one of a kind.

• Bulb Holders - I chose Vintage Brass standard screw

• Bulbs - (Here is what I chose)
- SMALL GLOBE | loop filament lightbulb | 40W
- PEAR SHAPE | squirrel cage filament lightbulb | 40W
- SHORT TUBE | long coil filament lightbulb | 40W
- OVAL | spiral filament lightbulb | 40W
- CLASSIC EDISON | loop filament lightbulb | 40W

• And a handy electrician. :) These things freak me out. So I called in the experts.

At the time I had to buy everything separate and then had an electrician put it together and installed. Now Urban Cottage have a new service called factoryLux "Made For You" so designing your own lighting couldn't be easier!

You can check out more ideas on my Pinterest board Exposed Bulb Lighting.

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  1. That is so funny — I have *literally* just been looking at these for our cottage — I LOVE them!! The old fashioned filament lightbulbs are so gorgeous. It really does seem a shame to cover them up so the open fittings are BRILLIANT! Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up with us on #HomeEtc

    Caro |

  2. Just beautiful and so stylish! I love these and think Love this look and think it looks so amazing. What a fab idea! Thanks for sharing, much appreciated :) Jess x #HomeEtc