Saturday, 30 May 2015

What To Do With All Those Photos {Let's Get Organised Part 2}

Now that you have organised your photos, what do you do with them? Apart from putting them all in the cloud. They are safe up there. For now. But what happens if one day they get lost? And what is the point of having all those photos when you are not doing anything with them?

This year is the time to get photos down. Call me old school but, I would feel safer if my photos were in hard copy form and in my hands. Yes, you can just print them all and put them in albums. But there are so many other things you can do.

Here are my favourite ideas for displaying those beloved photos. I like a clean look. I know there are loads of ideas on Pinterest and they do look good in the picture but in reality I think I would find them annoying after a while. Pinterest life always looks good only on Pinterest! :D

Super cute photo magnets you can print from Instagram. I plan to cover my fridge with them!

2. Wall Gallery
I love a good wall gallery, but if photos are not straight that would drive me bonkers. I love this wall with the mixture of memories and photos. You can find out how to create your own at Love Grows Wild

Love this wall with other elements mixed in with the photos by Love Grows Wild
3. DIY Phone Cover 
 I made some and they are really simple to make. Check them and other ideas out here.

4. Gift Tags
I did this for one Christmas a few years ago. It was nice to have cute photos of everyone and it was easier to spot who's present belonged to who.

5. Flip Books
For those trigger happy photographers. Give your photos some movement. Great for gifts like here for Valentines by Camille Styles
6. Photo Book
Which I still have to do. :/ I use they have many ways for you to create your book and you  can even sell your books here. {link}

7. Barclays Personalised Cards
Just upload your photo! This would also make a great Father's day gift. shhh! {link}
8. Wrapping Paper
It is all down to presentation. I always see the ones with loads of small photos, but these large print ones really stand out!
9. Coasters
Coastergram ship worldwide

Here is a DIY version. Found on Granny Girls

10. Fairy Lights
Who doesn't like fairy lights? Why not use them to display your photos!
11. Postcards
Great for all occasions. From Birthday invites, holiday snaps, wedding thank you cards. I love, their luxury cards are amazing.

If you haven't already, check out my post on my 3 Simple Steps To Organising Photos here.

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  1. Great ideas. I just moved and have found SOOOOOOO many pictures. Seems a shame to let them sit boxed anymore. That's the oldest. The youngest is a digital baby, and I haven't found his yet :(

    1. Yes, I cleared out a cupboard yesterday and found loads of printed photos! Need to start my wall gallery I think! x

  2. I love these ideas especially the fairy lights and wrapping paper. How adorable! #thelist

    1. Thank you! There are so many cool ideas out there. I may have to do another post for them! haha. x

  3. Lovely ideas! I've used Sticky9 and Blurb and were really happy with them. The fairy light idea is adorable!

    1. Hi, who doesn't love fairy lights?!? :D I just have to convince my husband to have them everywhere in the house haha x

  4. Ooh these are great ideas! I especially love the coasters and the fairy lights! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x