Sunday, 10 May 2015

No-Tech Sunday #4

Not much clothes shopping happening here. And no I did not buy that chair :)
This "No Technology Sunday" I had a "Me" day, well a "shopping hell" day really. I have a wedding to go to next weekend and of course I haven't got anything to wear!

These days I only shop when I have to and that is the worst kind of shopping. I have 1 day (well 3 hours as shops close at 5pm) to go to every shop to look through every rack. And on top of the stress, I then feel guilty for leaving the husband and the boys. This is then made worse by the fact that it is such a lovely day and there is a local fair that we could be having fun at!

While I am in shopping hell, the boys will be at the airport to do some airplane spotting. So at least some of us will be having fun today.

Shopping for an outfit for a wedding is very much like shopping for a wedding dress. I will only wear it once! But this time I thought I would make things easy and wear this black dress I have. Yes, yes I hear you tutting at me but apparently it is OK to wear black to a wedding these days. Anyway, I am going to pair it with a chunky necklace and some heels. All I need now is a clutch and some sort of jacket... easy right? Wrong. I spent at least 3 hours looking for these elusive items and nothing seemed to look right. Maybe I shouldn't wear this black dress. It isn't weddingy and it IS black!

Needless to say, my shopping day was a dud. I guess it didn't help that I strayed from my shopping mission and went to look at furniture and cute stationery.

We did try to salvage the day by going to the fair. Only to get there as they were packing up. Oh well, at least Harvey did manage to do a lucky dip and we scored some balloons left behind. Now that is how you do a fair in 5 minutes.

How did you spend your No Technology Day? Hope it was more successful than mine :D

Also discovered that Seb can scoot. Not sure if that is a good thing.

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  1. I love the chair and those bottles. No judgment from me on the black dress, virtually all I wear is black! :) I am going to have to go and read about NO Tech Sunday. Might be something I need to do! Popped over from TWTW

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks for dropping by. Yes I love the bottles and chair too! They are on sale!!! Now I am bouncing between a pink dress I have, the black one and a summery casual one. I need serious help! Would be great if you tried a No Tech Sunday! It's all about getting away from the screens and spending some quality time with your loved ones. :D Hope you join up!!! xxxx

  2. Lovely! Have a nice week sweetie!

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  3. Sorry you didn't have a successful shopping trip. I am always distracted by stationary too :)
    No tech sundays sound like a fab idea!
    #TWTWC xx