Friday, 29 May 2015

DIY Phone Cover

When I got my new iPhone I wanted a new cover. Something more colourful and fun than my usual plan black cover. There are so many choices out there I could not decide. Plus covers can be expensive. So I thought I would make one or two.

Things you will need:
A clear phone coverDifferent papers for the background
And that is it! Now you can go create to your heart's content.

I used wallpaper, patterned paper, wrapping paper, gift bags, stickers and labels. You could use photos, Washi tape, old cards, pressed flowers, old lace and fabric.

Get creative! Use stickers, old cards, wallpaper. 

Here are some other cool ideas found on Pinterest

Temporary Tattoos found on Fall for DIY

Washi Tape found on Chronicle Book

Flower Press found on Etsy Blog

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