Friday, 8 May 2015

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Photography

My memory is terrible. I forget names, things I have done, was supposed to do. Sometimes even what day of the week it was. This this was before kids! And since having my boys I didn't want to forget anything about them growing up. I was rubbish at doing their baby books, but I was an addict at photographing them. Now I just have to get the photos printed! (on my long list of things to do).

This year, one of my resolutions was to concentrate on my photography skills and to make beautiful photos for me and my family to look back on. So here are my tips (yes I have tips to share!) and links. I am still learning but these tips have helped me improve my photography and I hope they will help you too.

1. Light is your Best Friend
No matter what type of camera you have, the most important thing in a good photo is light. It helps to tell a story and sets the mood of your photo. I prefer to take natural light photos as I think it is best for documenting my family. And the great thing is, it is free!

Directional Light - You don't always have to have the light coming from behind you. Move yourself around so the light will come in from the side of your shot.

Backlight - Have your subject face away from the sun to create backlight. Makes for some dreamy glows

Defused light - When the sun is high and harsh you can soften your light by either waiting for a cloud to pass over or put subject in the shade of a tree or have the sun come from the side. And if you are inside, you can put a white sheet over the window to make the light softer.

See what a white sheet over the window can do! Pity it didn't help my model :D
Flash - Try using a defuser on your flash or bounce the light off the ceiling or walls to soften the shadows and to even out the light.

2. Move Around
Try taking photos from different angles. Get in close, take a few steps back, have a look from above or below. Take photos a little off centre, use the rule of thirds. Doing this will give you more photo choices.

From Above
Get down to their level
3. Details Details Details
Don't forget to take photos of the little things. Their hair, feet (I love baby feet), their favourite toys, pj's, first baby shoes or just details from the day. It all adds to the memories.

4. Get in on the Act
You don't want your kids to wonder what you looked like back in the day! So don't forget to get in the shots. I hate having my photos taken but this for my boys. So hand the camera to someone and let them be the photographer for the day. (she says reluctantly).

5. Just Have Fun
People will tell you forget about posing or setting up shots. This is about documenting your family and the memory it will invoke. Who cares about a bit of mess. True, but I care! I try not to set up shots but, I do move away distractions like laundry. As they are not a memory I want to keep! It doesn't hurt to do a little setup, like giving them bubbles to play with. As long as you capture the true essence of that moment. I love photographing my boys, they are my joy and inspiration.

6. Get Inspired
For inspiration and ideas I search the internet for photography styles I like. And lucky for me everyone has been lovely and helpful. Below are a few of my favourite photographers and sites to go to for inspiration and advice.

Shutter and Glass Photography
Little Story Studio
Clickin Moms
Capture by Lucy

So there you have it. Tips you may or may not have heard about but that is what I have learnt so far and I am thrilled to share them with you.

If you have any more great tips on taking real photographs of the family please let me know!

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  1. Fab tips thanks so much!! Your family are beauties btw! ;)

    1. Thanks Lianne! I love photographing them! and love looking back on their photos. They grow so fast!!!

  2. Great tips and some truly beautiful photographs. #TheList

    1. Thank you Tickle!!! hope the tips are useful!

  3. Err bookmarked! These are some fabulous tips and your photos are just so stunning. thanks so much for sharing some of your secrets!!

    Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx

    1. Ha ha thanks Hannah. Hope they were useful to you! Your family are gorgeous!

  4. Great tips and good advice to keep it simple - proven by the great photos and memories you have captured! #BeInspired