Friday, 17 April 2015

The Reality - Teething Blues

It is 11.30am, Seb has fallen asleep on the kitchen floor. His last molars are coming out. So far I can see only 1. He couldn't even manage his Pom Bear so it must be bad! Right now I don't care what he eats, as long as he eats.

I hope this doesn't make Seb an even more fussy eater. At the moment he only wants milk. The times he does try to eat, he would cry and put his hand to his mouth. But he would try again as he must be really hungry.

Seb used to take teething powder like a little junkie but now just showing him a packet would make him run out the door. And I hate forcing them to take medicine. It is too cruel and it usually results in them throwing up everywhere.

So far it has been a week of grumpiness, refusing to eat or take medicine, waking through the night (I have makeshift beds in each of the boys rooms) fevers, a vest of red rashy spots, puke on the couch and one very grumpy, 2 cups of coffee before 12, mummy.

Really hope this ends soon!

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