Sunday, 26 April 2015

No-Tech Sunday #2 - A Day with my Littleface

Since Seb came along, I never really spent any one on one time with Harvey. And I think it is important to spend time with each of my boys individually and give them 100% of my attention. So this No-Tech Sunday (Saturday) we decided to have a Mummy and Harvey Day. Yay!

It was great not to have to push around a stroller or carry around a baby change bag! Although I did carry a big bag as I needed to carry an extra coat and a "froggy" umbrella as I was unsure of the weather. All which was unnecessary as it was a beautiful day. But you just never know with the UK!

Harvey had a great time taking photos with "his" camera (somehow my Lumix G is now his). Taking photos of cars while on the bus ride. Ice cream van and boats by the river. He even took a photo of a church just to mix things up.

Today gave me an opportunity to really see how much my little man has changed and grown. He isn't my chubby cheeked little baby anymore. He is so chatty now and the stories that he comes up with! And it is just nice to get out for the day without having to worry about routine, dishes, dinners, nap times. I could just concentrate being with my boy. There will definitely be more Mummy & Harvey Days ahead! I really recommend it!

There are a few photos here as I got a bit camera-happy with my new iPhone 6. But if you make it to the end, you can see some of Harvey's photos. ;D

Bus spotting.
A big boat!
Did I get the shot?
A quick run through the blossoms. Or as we call it SNOOOOW!
Love how he reviews his photos after taking them.
A well deserved cookie break.
Getting a bit of shopping in.
On way home and he couldn't stay awake any longer.
Shopping hoard: 1.Books 2.Plate and cup (Zara Home) 3. Mini pots (Anthropologie

Harvey's Gallery

I think he would make a great street photographer, with his, um, low perspective.

An arty shot.
Harvey loved this boat. There were a lot of boat photos taken.
Love how the people walk into the shot.
This one made me laugh.
Mummy's shoes need a clean!
No-Tech Sunday is a personal project about spending more quality time with my family. To take a break from technology like tv, phones and computers that seem to take over our everyday lives. As proof from today, our little ones grow up all too quickly and I don't want to miss a minute of it!

So please join me and try a No-Tech Sunday (or any day). You can be as flexible or strict as you like. The aim is to spend quality time with loved ones. And if you would like to share any photos or a post, please do! I would love to see!

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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say, that as a hobbiest photographer with an iphone, dslr and mother of two small photograph taking pose loving children, I LOVE all of your photos - magic!

  2. Hi Itchy Feet, Thank you so much. It really means a lot to get feedback from people. I have always loved photography and this year I am making more effort to improve my skills. Do you have a blog? xxxx

  3. Lovely post and very in line with my Country Kids linky too, that is all about getting outdoors and leaving screens behind. A great way to enjoy some true family time together. #MagicMoments

    1. Thanks Fiona, and WoW, Coombe Mill looks amazing! Will definitely be holidaying there one day!! xx

  4. What a wonderful day with your little guy. Definitely a budding photographer. I especially love the photo of him with his shopping - so sweet. Thanks for sharing. #Living Arrows

  5. Love the 'no tech Sunday' idea! Cute camera photos, looks like he has a healthy obsession with taking pics!

    1. Thanks :D Hoping he will get the photography bug too! I might start a linky for No-Tech Sunday if anyone is interested. x

  6. Oh I love all of your photos but Harvey's are just brilliant - he's done really well with getting things in the photo and in focus - definitely a street photographer in the making!

  7. I love seeing images from a childs perspective! magical! it's great to see what they see sometimes! love the old man shot, fab! xx

  8. Look at him how concentrated he is on taking pictures. lovely photos. #livingarrows

  9. I think you have a photographer in the making, some wonderful shots

  10. Awww love his point of view. Seeing things in a different perspective is nice. My son loves taking photographs too! He is so keen on it that his Dad bought him his own cheap one as he kept on getting mine =P


  11. Your photos are lovely but it's just so interesting to see photos from a child's perspective. Love the idea of your no tech sundays as well. #livingarrows

  12. Lovely photos and love the idea of the no tech sundays - great idea for a linky too.

  13. I LOVE this post, firstly, your photography (and your son's!) is gorgeous, and secondly, I think no-tech Sunday is an inspired idea. I'll definitely be trying that with our kiddos.

    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot xx

  14. aww what a really lovely adventure you guys had! i think your son is better than me at taking photos!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments