Thursday, 23 April 2015

No-Tech Sunday #1

Harvey admiring his flower collection
Some days I feel we let technology take up too much of our time. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TV, and mainly our phones!

So I am going back to old school. Well for a day anyway. No-Tech Sunday is a day when no technology is allowed. You can be as strict or flexible as you want. Either absolutely no technology or maybe just no using the phone or computer for a day. You will be amazed how much technology takes up your time when you can be enjoying the real world! For me, that means spending time with my boys and not-so-fun dishes and laundry.

Plus Summer is here so there is no excuse to not get out and enjoy the sun. It can be every Sunday, any day, week, or month. It is up to you. Time to enjoy the weather and people you love. So put down those phones and turn off that TV. But of course you can take photos!

If you do it please share a photo on Instagram #2LFNoTechSunday

For our first No-Tech Sunday, we did gardening. I think I have caught the bug. We had great weather and the Grandparents were down for the weekend so great opportunity to start.

As you can see, Grandad did more gardening than we did.
Seb's nose had a little run in with the decking step.
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