Monday, 30 March 2015

Little Honest Photo

Here, Seb is having a late afternoon nap. Obviously he didn't want to, hence the lonely teardrop. Anyone else have trouble getting their little ones to nap?

Life is hard enough being a parent without things like Pinterest boards full of perfect parenting. So I have created a Linky for honest moments. They don't have to be perfect photos. Just photos you love.
Moments you don't love. Things that make you happy, mad or sad. Post up once a week, twice a week or whenever you have a moment.

So come on and share a Little Honest Photo with us. I will do my best to visit and comment on all of them. Also, you can join me on Instagram And please add the Little Honest Photo icon to your post. Happy imperfect parenting!

2 littlefaces - Lift, Wipe, Repeat
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Also linking up with Black & White Wednesdays

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  1. Hi San! YES- I have trouble with naptime! Don't we all?! Some days it's just enough to put me over the edge. The picture I posted to your linky is about the Other Struggle- bedtime. Now that it's light when I send them to bed, we are having all kinds of arguments. Ah well. I guess it's part of the gig, right?