Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mothers Day

I have been thinking about what it means to be a mum. With only 2 hours sleep and 3 days of not eating much from some horrible bug most likely given to me by my monsters. I am not sure if this is even a good idea to be writing.

I knew being a mum was going to be hard work. But not this hard! How blissfully unaware I was while pregnant. Cuddling and rubbing my bump while walking down the street feeling love and the assurance that I was keeping my baby safe from the scary outside world.

To be honest. I was quite looking forward to being a mum, to be able to sit around and have coffee with friends. Yes I was one of those people that thought stay at home mums basically didn't have to do much. How wrong was I??

From the day they are born there is instant panic on what to do with this fragile little being. Night feeds. Nappy changes. Deciphering what each cry meant. Then as they grow, you worry. Worry about how they are developing. Are they behind? Why is my son not walking or talking yet? Why is he only eating biscuits? Will he starve?

You are constantly at the  doctors for every spot, cough and fever.

Dishes upon dishes along with the endless laundry pile that never seems to shrink.

And this wasn't bad enough then there are the judging looks you get when your toddler has decided to lie down in the middle of the supermarket to have a tantrum.

But we get to be part of these little people's lives and we help shape them to become, hopefully, great human beings. But even then it doesn't end there. You will always worry about them. No matter how far away or how old they are.

Being mum is the toughest job I will ever know. But it is also the most rewarding.

Love you mum!
Happy Mother's Day!

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