Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Reality - 8am

I have been thinking about this project for a while now. Not sure how it will develop or if it will even go beyond this post. I am tired of all the tidy houses you see in blogs and photos. I want to photograph what a house really looks like with kids. Maybe do it in an arty photography way?

I don't think even my friends have really seen how we really live! Before a playdate or any visitors there is a manic tidy up. Shoving things in drawers, hiding them in the spare room upstairs. Flinging laundry (not even making it into the room) up the stairs towards our room at the top of the house, hoping no one will go up there.

But today is a great example. It is 8am and my house already looks like this! The cleaner was only in yesterday (even she hasn't seen my house in it's true form).

The huge pile of laundry is fortunately out of shot!
Oh wait, there's the pile of laundry!
Anyone else want to show what your house looks like in all its natural glory? Would be great to see that I am not the only messy mummy!

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