Saturday, 14 February 2015

Super quick and easy Valentines Day card activity.

Just don't let your husband stick them together before the glitter glue dries! :S
To make these super awesome Valentines cards, all you need to do is cut out heart shapes out of card or paper. Hand it over to the toddler and let them go nuts with the gluestick, coloured paper and glitter, stickers, basically anything you can find.

Glue stick in the hands of a 19 month old. What could go wrong?!

You can add anything. Here we had glitter glue

Seb couldn't wait to tuck into the Strawberries

Write your endearments on the back and bam! Valentines Day cards made by your child no one would dear reject! Add some pancakes (click here for the recipe I use) to the table and your Valentines is complete!

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