Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pancake Tuesday!

This year I thought I would do something non-traditional and bought some mini pancakes! These cute and delicious mini pancakes are great for dipping and also great on their own! You can get them all the time from Waitrose and only recently from M&S. Only takes about 4 minutes in the oven or seconds in the microwave. Perfect for a no-hassle pancake day!

The M&S mini pancakes comes with chocolate sauce! mmmmm

For dipping sauces we have, chocolate (comes with the M&S pancakes!), golden syrup and roasted strawberries (This lovely recipe can be found on another mummy blog Always Made With Love). My roasted strawberries didn't come out as well and the golden syrup was too thick. The winner for me was the yummy chocolate sauce!

Add some cake pop sticks and you have mini pancake lollipops! yummy

Happy Pancake Day!

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