Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A LittleFace Favourite - Janod Magnetibooks Review

Before our long haul flight, I was in search of some activities for the plane. I loved the idea of magnetic type play scenes and came across the french brand Janod and their Magnetibooks.

When I received them, they were bigger than I had anticipated and I could see many of the pieces going down the side of the seats so didn't take them in the end. But I think these are great as they teach little ones about matching and developing creativity and imagination.

Vehicles and Crazy Face
The game comes in a quality hinged box, made to look like a book.
Each book contains:
- Cards and magnets (Vehicles Magnetibook has 18 cards and 50 magnets, Crazy Face Magnetibook
   has 12 cards and 67 magnets)
- Magnetic Scene/background inside the lid of the box
- Box itself has a magnetic clasp to keep it closed

The MagnetiBooks are for children between 3 and 8, but I say some are from 2 years easily.

There are many different MagnetiBooks you can choose from. And you can get them easily from places like Amazon and John Lewis. Prices range from £13 to £16. I wouldn't pay more than that.

Some pieces are quite small and fiddly, but I guess they are for small hands. Also, the magnets aren't as strong as I would like but they do the job.

Recreate the pictures on the cards
You can also get creative
Base holds the pieces in but easier to tip everything out when playing.
Little ones can make things from racing cars to submarines

Harvey's favourite is the Submarine
In the Crazy Face magnetibook, there are 12 cards and 67 magnet pieces. This seemed more appropriate for Seb as there aren't too many different types of pieces. Things like eyes and smiles are easy to recognise.

There are dots provided to hold the cards up, but they are not very strong 
Create your own crazy face
12 Crazy faces to recreate!

Seb loves to give us a pair of eyes and makes us put them on our faces. He also tries to put hats on the hair pieces, which makes sense, but of course they don't stack on top of each other. Maybe something for Janod to look into ha ha.

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