Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 - Year of the Goat/Ram

Happy Chinese New Year! Or Gong Hei Fat Choy!

We say good bye to the Horse and Hello Sheep, or is it Goat? In Chinese, the word is 羊 yáng means Sheep (Ram) and Goat. So take your pick.

Did you know that Chinese New Year is the most important and longest National holiday of the year? I didn't! It lasts for 15 days!!!! beginning on the first day of a new moon and ending with the full moon on the day of the Lantern Festival. It is also the world’s largest annual human migration event, as 2.8 billion people living away from home make the journey back to celebrate with their families.

I never know when the Chinese New Year starts because every year it is different! That is because the Chinese calendar is based on the lunar year. Talk about complicated!

Red envelopes with money ending in even denominations will be flowing (odd numbers are bad luck). Ah you got to love the red envelopes. But now that I am married, I am supposed to be giving out the red envelopes to the single people or children. Not cool!

What year were you born in? I found this from the Thomas Cook Site. It is a bit big but it was all I could find. I am already behind in the New Year Post!

The Chinese calendar follows a 12-year pattern with each year named after an animal. I found this cute story about how the 12 animals were named for each year. You can watch it here on BBC CBeebies.

A fun thing for your little ones to do is to have a go at chopsticks. Check out my quick DIY pincers for little fingers here

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