Saturday, 15 November 2014

Guy Fawkes Night - Fireworks Craft (Or Failworks Craft)

Harvey is frightened of fireworks. Even now, a week after Guy Fawkes, when he hears a noise outside he asks worriedly "what's that? Is it fireworks?". So we didn't have fireworks this year. But not wanting to miss out on the fun we tried out some fireworks crafts. WE meaning ME.

Failworks 1 - Crayon scratch out thingy
Remember when you were at school and you did that crayon art where you colour in loads of colour and then coloured black on top to scratch the black to reveal the colours underneath? Maybe it was easier back then or the crayons were better. Thought it was a good idea but it took ages and it didn't work out very well.

Failworks 2 - No glow
Next we used glow in the dark paint on black card. I thought this would be fun. But Harvey didn't like the dark and the glow pens were not very good. Poundland, what did you expect?

little worms?

You could get a good glow if you put it to the light for a while

Failworks 3 - More Mardi Gras than Spectacular
Lastly we made pipe cleaner fireworks... Harvey was more into these. But they did look more like festive carnival trees or something. 

Maybe next year!
(Update - At our first Xmas family gathering Harvey held a sparkler!!!!)

Fore more successful craft ideas check out these Pins on Pinterest.

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