Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Easiest DIY Take and Play Scene Ever!

I get a lot of inspiration from my boys when it comes to making things for them. I see them do something and then I think "hey what a good idea" and this is one of those times.

Each time Harvey gets a new toy he always uses the box it comes in as a garage/house and sometimes they have a background scene in the display box which he uses as a play scene. This is great for their imagination and also would make a great Take and Play activity especially for our long haul flight to NZ this year. (I am totally freaking out about taking 2 on my own for part of the way!)

(Please excuse the state of the box as the husband decided to recycle it before I could save it.)

Quick and easy DIY play scene
Cut out the box so it has the 3 sides for easy folding.

Easily folded away for travelling 
I did a search on this sort of a set up for a play scene and found a few books that turn into one or sticker book scenes (which I also have but think the stickers are a bit too small and fiddly and do not fancy having Harvey ask me to peel them off for him every 5 minutes.)

Also on my search I found this cool book by Rock & Pebble! But for £20 I think I could make one myself for cheap. Will let you know how I go. But it would make a great gift for that budding interior designer :D.

I will be adapting my DIY Take and Play Scene to make a double sided one with 2 different scenes and will make it available for you to download and create for your little one so keep keep in touch!

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