Thursday, 31 July 2014

Watermelon Ice Lollies mmmm

Nothing like treating the boys to ice cream in this hot weather. But don't really want to give them ice cream everyday! So as an alternative I made watermelon ice lollies.

They are very easy to make. As you know I am all about the easy way.

All you need is watermelon (or any fruit), fruit moulds and a freezer.  In the future I would get the thinner moulds for the kids as Harvey could not finish his, oh well more for me!

Mash up the melon (I also added some raspberries as I had some hanging around). If you have seeds try to remove them. This is the painful bit :/ . Then put in moulds and freeze.

A yummy treat for the kids and for the grown ups - scrap or chip the ice lolly to ice shavings into a fancy glass and add Vodka! or in my case Sprite for a lovely cocktail :D


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