Tuesday, 17 June 2014

olloclip 4-in-1 Lens for iPhone 5

I have never really been a fan of lenses for phones. But that was years ago and things have changed. Phone cameras have gotten better and I have been pretty impressed with my iPhone. As it is small and I carry it around everywhere. Instead of my monster camera.

And so the lenses also have improved. I would never thought to have bought one for myself but was lucky enough to be given the olloclip 4-in-1 by the husband. (Wonder what he did wrong).

Anyway it is a well built piece of glass (you could say). 4 lenses! wide-angle, fisheye and 2 macros!

Lens 1 - Fisheye
The most fun lens out of the 4. It doesn't work as well in video mode or when using the camera in instagram.

Make sure your hands don't get in the shot! (at the bottom of pic)

Lens 2 - Wide angle
This is quite handy when sometimes the iPhone lens is just not wide enough, especially when in video mode. Also great when you are using video mode as I have always found video mode not wide enough.

wide angle selfie

iphone lens selfie

Lens 3 and 4 - Macro 10 and Macro 15
The macro lenses are cool but you have to get really close to the object and have a steady hand.

Macro 15 - grasshopper on window. I had to get really close and it kept moving as I was touching its antennae!

This is not a sponsored or paid or anything post. All reviews, opinions and wot-not are my own.

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