Saturday, 24 May 2014

Who says dinosaurs are just for boys? - The Little Geekery Company

We love The Little Geekery Company! It is an alternative children’s clothing boutique selling both new and pre-loved clothes for ages 0-4 years.

The mummy behind the Geekery is Hannah Jeeves (who also writes a blog Make Do and Push).  Based in Brighton, this creative mummy, of a very funny and fiery toddler, wanted to create a store where the clothing suited both boys and girls (apart from the Dorothy's slippers I just spotted, not sure they would suit Harvey). The outcome is a store with funky clothing which is refreshing from the standard high street clobber you get (Harvey could be the poster child for H&M and Gap the way we are going).

All the new clothing at TLGC are handmade in the UK, so you know you are getting quality, and all the preloved clothing are little gems.

And we love that TLGC loves dinosaurs too! Who doesn't love a good roaring dinosaur? We ordered the dino t-shirt and Harvey loves it! As soon as he opened the cutely wrapped package he just had to put it on, pants or no pants!

Check out TLGC store here also they are on Twitter and Facebook.

Loving the personal touch!
Extra surprise of a super cool dino mask
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  1. Thank you so so much for your lovely feature on us! I love the photo of Harvey in his dino gear! Amazing :) Thank you again xxx

    1. Aww no probs. We love your store! Can't wait to make another purchase!