Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Show Me Your Change Bag - Niki @ Play & Learn Everyday

This weeks guest baby change bag poster is Niki, a Mum of 2; Ivy (2 months) and Ethan (2 ½ years) and writes a blog about play based learning at home called Play & Learn Everyday (link)

Hi Niki thanks for taking time out of your busy day to post. So tell us about your lovely bag!
I just bought the new Pacapod Hastings bag, I got it for £65 from Jojo Maman Bebe (I had a 15% off voucher, so decided to treat myself). Previously I have had a Pacapod Almora, when Ethan was first born. It was fantastic because it was big and could carry all of the ‘essentials’ that I thought I needed as a new Mum and I just kept it hung on the back of the pram. Then when he got a bit older I just ended up with a bunch of small bags (snack bag, change mat, etc) and carried them all in the Buggy Bag from Jojo Maman Bebe. Finally, for a bit of luxury, and a bag that doesn’t look like a changing bag, I got the Melbourne Bag from Nova Harley, before eventually deciding on the Hastings.

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Very nice, so what made you choose it?
All of the other bags that I had were great, but for different purposes. The Hastings seems ideal for having 2 children. It’s big, but not too big, still has the pods that I loved from my first Pacapod but the added feature of different ways to carry it. I needed something that I could strap onto the pram (I have a Phil and Ted’s now, so I actually need to clip it on the side, so that it doesn’t bop Ivy in the head). The reason that I love it, is that I can easily take it off and carry it as either a messenger bag or a backpack. That makes it great for hands free playing with Ethan and carrying Ivy around when we get to the park or to play groups.

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And what we all are waiting to know is what do you carry in your bag?
Far too much!!! I can’t help it, I start out with the basics and everyday I throw more and more random things into the bag. In the front compartment I keep my essentials, phone, Oyster card, keys, etc. Then in the main part I have the two pods; changing pod – nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, sudocreme, change of clothes for Ivy, and feeding pod – muslins, feeding cover, snacks for Ethan. Then separately I have a little pouch for medicine (Calpol, syringe, plasters, Infacol) and another pouch for my essentials (lip balm, hand cream, etc) as well as my purse, cars for Ethan to play with, an Aiden & Anais swaddle blanket, water, and emergency chocolate for me.

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What are your likes and dislikes about your bag?


Different carrying options (Messenger to backpack)
Lots of space inside
A front compartment for easy to reach essentials
The pods

Rough material, not easy to wipe clean (I’m sure that it will get dirty!)
Not entirely fashionable or luxurious
Straps could be a bit thicker, to be more comfortable to carry

Thanks Niki! The bag looks great! I am also looking for something that has the backpack option as like you said the Phil & Ted in double mode doesn’t leave much storage space!

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