Friday, 25 April 2014

Ginger is our friend

In the past few weeks the whole family has caught the nasty cold. Lots of snot, coughs, fever and grumpy babies (including husband).

Cough medicine never seems to work and I had one of those annoying hacking, uncontrollable, avoid me like I have the plague, coughs. So onto google to look for natural remedies.

There is the usual. - salt gargle, drink loads of fluid, steam bowl etc
I tried to eat raw garlic... and that was just wrong!

Then I read about ginger and how it could get rid of your cough! AMAZING the things you find on the inter-web. Ginger has all kinds of mystical powers (well antihistamine and decongestant powers) plus it is also great for morning sickness!

There is the usual ginger and honey in boiling water but I remembered my mum making ginger and carrot soup. You can drink it hot or cold. Well it isn't really a soup. More a tea but with carrot.

If you want to give it ago here is all you need:

3-4 sliced ginger
3-4 chopped carrots
salt to taste
3 -4 cups of water

Put it all in a pot (or pan depending where you are from) bring to boil then simmer for 20-30min.
drink hot or ice cold. For the sweet tooths you can add honey.

Can't guarantee that it will get rid of your cough but since I drank it, the next day my cough died down. I also made the husband drink a cup and he stopped coughing that day! It could all be a coincidence or it could be the magic powers of ginger. You be the judge.

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