Friday, 21 March 2014

Traykit Review by Happy HomeBird

Congratulations again Little Bird for winning the Traykit set and thank you and Mummy Bird for doing a review. I hope you and your family have a great time in Wales! 

We were so lucky to win the Camouflage Traykit from 2littlefaces and I knew Little Bird would love it. When we opened the packaging it was obvious what a good quality product this was from the feel of the material. 

Essentially it looks like a rectangular backpack with a sturdy handle at the top and two adjustable straps. However, open it up and ta da it is a nifty tray with little pockets for your child to put all their bits and pieces in when on a journey and then open out to play in. The tray is then a self- contained play surface.

This is brilliant for us as Little Bird, 4, likes taking small world play toys out with him. He has autism so keeping him occupied on journeys can be hard but this will help us out so much. Usually an arm full of toys in the car end up on the floor which results in a very upset little boy and me getting neck ache from turning around to scoop them up off the floor. The tray is extendable and has sides on it so none of those toys are escaping when we go over road bumps – hoorah!

We love the colours of it too, very fresh looking and the design is very trendy. There is also a strap underneath to secure to a travel tray such as on an aeroplane or train. We have trays in our Citroen so this is perfect for when we go on our holiday to Wales in a few months. But if your car doesn’t have fold out trays there is another strap included so that you can hang it from the headrest of the seat in front. They really have thought of everything.

Little Bird uses the picture exchange system (PECS) to communicate when he doesn’t have or can’t use his words. The pictures are in a little book and on a trip to nana’s, we put his PECS book in the TrayKit so he knew he had it to hand – this is fab and ideal for us as the PECS book fits perfectly in. He also has an iPad which helps him in so many ways and this can also sit inside the TrayKit – perfect for on journeys and also when we go to eat out. Sitting down for the duration of a meal can be very stressful for Little Bird so we would also use the TrayKit as a tool to help us manage the odd lunch out in a pub or family restaurant. He could have lots of little toys in here and it would tidily sit on the table.

The TrayKit is a material that will easily wipe clean so no worries of spilt drinks and chocolatey fingers. There is also a small safety mirror that mummy might use to check her lippy ☺

We also received the most gorgeous Traveller Set which is a passport holder, luggage tag and an activity case that made me squeal – pencils, travel journal and a little stamp. Little Bird and I shall fill this in and scribble with the pencils. I will be sat in the back of the car with him when we go on our summer holiday, so we can have some fun with the TrayKit. Should really help to keep him occupied with his all his bits and bobs contained and best of all, he can carry it which he didn’t seem to mind at all. 

A big hit for us and we recommend the TrayKit for day trips and holidays.

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