Monday, 10 March 2014

Sharing a Room

For the past week Harvey and Seb have been sharing a room, and not only that, Harvey has moved from his cot to a toddler bed. (I decided the bunk bed idea was a bit mad. I do not know what I was thinking when I ordered them!).

My 2 main concerns when starting this were:
1. I was worried Harvey would keep getting out of his bed as he fights bedtime most nights.
2. I had no idea how to get the boys to sleep in the same room when they slept at different times. I was all ready to do the "take Harvey back up to bed and pat Seb to sleep" routine.

All seemed to be going well. I start the bedtime routine with bath time, then I give Seb a bottle and put him to bed at 7pm. At 7.30pm I take Harvey upstairs to brush his teeth (or eat the toothpaste) and then to bed with a few books read very quietly as not to wake Seb. (The first night Seb did wake so I just put on his star projector and he went back to sleep).

Harvey seemed to be adapting well to his toddler bed and even when Seb wakes up screaming at 4am for his bottle, Harvey slept through it all and has only fallen out of bed once. But in the past 2 days I have noticed that Harvey seemed more tired than usual and easily fell asleep while out and about. Then I realised he must be waking in the night because of Seb and especially nearer the morning.

And tonight my 'perfect' routine has been foiled by Seb waking up while Harvey was being read his bedtime story. So I ended up walking and shooshing Seb around the room while Steve finished reading to Harvey. Guess there will be a few more of these nights before they both get used to sleeping in the same room.

Not really sure why I am even doing this because we have a perfectly good second bedroom next-door. Plus I hated sharing a room with my sister! We even divided the room in half which was stupid because my sister had the closet on her side and I had the door on mine haha.

Do your littlefaces sleep in the same room? Let us know how you did it.

Or any problems with siblings in sharing a room? Here is a blog post on how to keep the peace when sharing a room.


  1. I shared with nikki & suzie when we stayed with our dad, I think we shared when we were young too. We each had our own rooms at my mums house. I don't remember it bothering me? I wouldn't put jack & phoebs together becausr jack sleep talks. Just put seb in his own room, they will both get a better sleep :D xx

    1. Haha well tonight it all went well without a hitch. I think I may give it a bit longer to see if things smooth out. :D I guess I like the idea of the boys keeping each other company. Will definitely regret it when they are older and Seb is able to talk I am sure haha.