Saturday, 8 March 2014

One Lump Or Two?

Yes today I bought Harvey a tea set. It is great for role playing and his imagination. Plus he makes a mean cup of tea!

Harvey also likes doll houses and some how attracted to doll strollers, so what does this mean? Should I be worried? Of course not! He is just mimicking what he sees me do, which is drink tea, play house and push a stroller around all day.

Maybe he should hang around his Dad more. Then Harvey can learn to talk on the phone, stare at the computer, drive the green car and scratch his balls (Steve dared me to put that last bit in. Never dare me!)

In my opinion it is absolutely fine if your little man wants to play dolly tea party or your little princess wants to drive cars and be like builder bob when she grows up. It is all part of their development. I think we put too many labels and pressure on our children today.

To be honest before writing this post I did not like the idea of Harvey pushing a pink dolls stroller around but now I say "who cares!!!". Children should not be pigeon-holed into roles and they should play with any and all toys. This will help them become well rounded individuals when they grow up.

And as I was writing this blog I came across this article about gender division in books for children which just adds to my point.

All this for a cup of tea eh! What are your thoughts?

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