Friday, 21 March 2014

Lost My Name - Book Review

I think Personalised children's books are a great idea (imagine you were a kid and you had a book made about you!) but I have never found one that had a story with any imagination and good enough illustrations (from a design point of view). Because I would want to have the book as a keepsake for Harvey. And then I came across the lovely people at who were kind enough to send me a personalised book for my little face to review.

The idea behind the story is that it uses the letters of your child's name to create their very own adventure and with over 150 different illustrations, this will ensure an original story for your little one.
Our adventure begins "One morning a little boy awoke. Sat up and rubbed his eyes, looked over at his bedroom door and got a nasty surprise! ..." so the little boy sets off on a winding trail that leads him to mystical places where he meets amazing characters who help our little hero find his name by giving him a letter.

Harvey loves the idea of having a book about him and refers to it as "Harvey's book".
What would make it more personalised would be if we could suggest some of our favourite things that begin with a letter in their name. Or maybe a gift of letter stickers with the illustrations that were featured in the book so the little ones could stick their name on their door or wall or where ever they end up sticking them.

One of the more original and different personalised story books out there at the moment. This would make a great keepsake and or present for any little boy or girl. If you want one check out their site at They even give you a preview of what your book would look like.

Also enter now for your chance to win a copy for your little one.

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